What are Pergola covers?

Pergola is a garden feature forming a shaded walkway or a sitting area with vertical posts or pillars supported a cross-beam pattern, sturdy structure. These were used throughout history in gardens to create stylish, esthetically pleasing and almost designer walk ways and/or sitting areas.

You can get a pergola covers installed on top of the pergola structure to make a perfect escape from the heat in your required area.

There are quite a lot of different materials which can be used as a pergola cover, commercial awnings are available which can be made up of dense cloth which doesn’t let intense light pass or can be made up of fiberglass. It could also be aluminum sheets.

If you’re going for a pergola, there are a wide variety of designs which you can incorporate. The best part about going for commercial awning “sunlight covers” is that they can come in many different shapes, sizes and designs and are usually made to fit well with their surroundings.

Upon customer requirement, they can be made completely up of treated wood or they can be made up of a painted metal among other things. Essentially, it depends on what the customer wants.

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